Thursday, October 20, 2011

is everyone ready for a SPECIAL

hey everyone... i hope that you are having a great week. it's almost the weekend yahoo! 
I wanted to stop by and say hi, but also to remind you about mini session and that they are still available. 

I also have a fun surprise for you all... 
are you ready? are you sure you are ready? 
Okay, here it is?
I realize that for most people money is tight and paying for photographs is not in your budget. 
I get it and I understand it, and that is why I thought this little surprise will make it more reasonable.
Next Friday, Saturday, and Sunday in Heber City, Utah 
there will be special mini-sessions available just for YOU. 

The price for these special mini sessions is $60.00 
and includes: 
 5 of your best images on a high resolution CD 
(the CD is free from copyright so you can print however many and wherever you want) 
and 30-45 minutes of hanging with me and having a good time

Now there is one catch, because i have never offered a session for this inexpensice I am asking if you do book a special mini session, you have to do one of the following:

1. Blog about your experience with Katrina B Photography. 
It must include a picture and my link to either my blog or Facebook (or both). 

2. Add Katirna B Photography button to the side of your blog.

3. Facebook about Katrina B Photography with a link to my Facebook page.

4. Or hand out my business cards to everyone you know :). 

You pick which one you would want to do and let me know when you book your session. 

I can take up to ten people so hurry and think about it and then contact me, either by phone or email

Remember, this is a special price that will probably never happen again. 
The normal session price starts at $300... Or mini session are $150. 


  1. GAH! OK! I was just talking to my family about doing this last Sunday at dinner. I will talk to them again!

  2. Your images are so bright and cheery= LOVE.